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Commercial Businesses:
Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Car Lots and Homeowners' Associations
Residential Homes:
Single Family Residences, Holiday Wreaths and Lighting for Trees
Special Events:
Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings and City Events               See our services areas.
Custom Design:
Your lighting design is customized with your vision, landscape and budget.
Holiday Lighting and Christmas Lights
Professional Installation:
Our experienced, professional and courteous crew installs the lighting and decor. We provide all decorations, lights, extension cords and materials
Holiday Lighting and Christmas Lights
Free Maintenance:
We will make any necessary repairs to the lighting and decor at no cost to you.
Holiday Lighting and Christmas Lights
Timely Removal:
We will carefully remove the lighting and decor in January. There is no additional charge for removal.
Holiday Lighting and Christmas Lights
Fully Insured:
Worker's Comp

General Liability